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“The Everyday Creativity of Mothering,” The Seattle Times, April 30, 2022

“The Field: Dancing for Merce Cunningham,” The Spectacle, Issue 8, December 2019

“The Tree. The Ash. The Ocean, The Collagist [now The Rupture], Issue 98, August 2018

“My First Superhero was…,”  Off Paper: The Project Room’s Literary Journal

“My Mother’s Closet,”  South Loop Review. Unfortunately this link doesn’t work anymore. If you want to read an essay about how I went through my mother’s clothes after she passed away, just drop me a line!

“Not-Knowing and the Proliferation of Plot, or On Reading ‘The Babysitter’ for the 34th Time,” FlashPoint: a Multidisciplinary Journal in the Arts and Politics

“On Laura Ingalls Wilder: I’m Not Supposed to Love Her but Her Books are My Jewel Box,” Literary Mothers

“Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Magical Objects,” Electric Literature

“(No) Rules of Engagement,” The James Franco Review


“After Birth,” Tupelo Quarterly, 27. This issue also includes an interview with me and a review of Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters

“No Place Safer,” collaboration with visual artist Ellen Santasiero on 7×7

“The Cathedral is a Mouth,” Conjunctions, Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue

“Seventh,” Dark Matter Journal, Issue #8

“Princess of Desire,” Web Conjunctions

“Solstice,” New Ohio Review

“Return of the Media Five,” New Ohio Review

“Bad Mother: A Story in Five Paragraphs,” Requited Journal

“Forest,” DIAGRAM

“Two Views of Seattle: Dinner at the Equinox & Paradigm Shift at Seattle Center,” Terrain: A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments”

“Cartographies,” Transatlantica


with Monica Manolescu, Transatlantica

in Pacifica Literary Review
…and you can listen along here.

with Rob McLennan, 12 or 20 (second series) questions with Maya Sonenberg

“Facing the Daily News Cycle: An Interview with Maya Sonenberg.” William Hoffacker. The Collagist

with PANK Magazine and Books

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